Baseball, Softball and TBall Registration is now OPEN.  Registration is was open for baseball, including TBall, and softball starting now through February 17th, 2017.   Baseball falls into two categories:

  1.  American League is run through the parish and the kids must attend a tryout to see if they make the team.
  2.  National League is run through the booster club and no tryouts are necessary.

Just to be clear.  Your child DOES NOT have to play American League baseball.  This is only for parents what want their children to experience a slightly elevated playing experience.  Both American League and National League must register through the Mimosa Booster Club and if your child makes the American League team, the booster club then transfers the money to the recreation department.

Softball girls aged 9 and over must sign up with the recreation department.  Any questions, please contact a board member.