Parents wishing to help often ask the above question on what does it take to be a coach.  First, it takes a trip to the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office to have a background check conducted.  The cost of the background is $15, and it is mandatory.

It also takes desire to teach fundamentals of the sports and sportsmanship to the young athletes.   Often parents want to get involved but feel that they don’t have the experience.  Experience comes with doing.  Get onto the field, or the court, and help the head coach and get a feel for coaching.  Simple organization and an ability to clearly communicate with your target audience will go a long way to being successful.  There are many blogs and videos (YouTube) available to teach you how to get your team organized and performing.  Every coach that my kids have played with in the Mimosa Booster Club, or from St. Charles Parish, have been more than willing to have parent helpers and offer advice on coaching.  Most equipment is furnished by the parish recreation department and every coach eventually builds up their own items for use.  The commitment is usually a couple of hours in the evenings, a couple of days per week, and then the games themselves.  The games can be played on weekends or evenings during the week. To get started in coaching, visit the sheriff’s office and then update your volunteer option in the registration section.

Coaching is an extremely rewarding experience and makes an impression on the kids for years to come.  With a little help, and the willingness to learn with your athletes and continue to try and make yourself a better coach will lead to a lifetime of reward each time a former player passes you by and says, “Hey Coach!”

Good Coaching Qualities
Care about others
High personal standards
Effective communicator
Sincere desire to help
Desire to continue to learn